Covered California and the Insurance Agent

The new federally mandated state health insurance marketplace, Covered CA, has and will continue to hire "navigators" to help Californians through the process of enrollment. But did you know that navigators can't suggest plans for you? They also can't sell any of the plans offered in the private market. That's where we come in.

Insurance agents have been operating in the private market for decades and in doing so, have developed relationships with carriers and rapport with clients. Not to mention they (we!) are licensed professionals who have passed a test to ensure the understanding of insurance markets. One of the bigger myths surrounding the new healthcare law is that the only way to enroll in the state based plans is to go through a navigator (or a series of them), but that is NOT true! Agents who complete a simple training course will be able to sell the exchange products in addition to all the private market plans they already sell. Becoming appointed with the state exchange is likely to be very popular among agents in California as it will only diversify the range of plans that the agent is appointed to sell, resulting in more choice for you!

But what does this mean for consumers like you? It means that you should not feel pressured to talk to a "navigator" to enroll in the public exchanges. It allows you to talk to people with experience in the insurance industry; people like us. Unlike navigators, who are not allowed to make recommendations, we exist to find the plans that will work the best for your health and your budget. Not good for your age group, not your income range, but specifically a plan that is best for you!

Call us today and we will find the best plans for your needs, and will even include the state exchange "metal plans" once it is up and running. You'll be able to shop and compare based on price and benefits but best of all, if you need any kind of help choosing you can simply give us a call at 866-937-4065 or visit us at to get a free, no commitment quote for private plans right now!

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