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Affordable health insurance in California is now even better. We're Covered California Certified Insurance Agents at Encircle Insurance Services, where we focus on you, our client, to get you the right types of insurance, including health insurance, to meets both your needs and your budget.

You pay no fees for our sevice.

When it comes to health insurance, the task of finding the right policy is daunting. There are numerous California health insurance carriers to review, policy language to interpret, coverage options to review, and paperwork to file. Why do it alone? With Encircle Insurance Services at your side, we help by doing the legwork for you.

Instead of searching site after site, you only need to search our site! We've partnered with many of the major California insurance providers who offer a comprehensive range of coverage options designed to be affordable for individuals health insurance, group health insurance, families, and businesses with varying budgets. No matter what your needs or budget, you will likely find something right for you. Call us today 866-937-4065 or visit us at

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